Live a Brighter Life

Building Dreams

We all have one goal in life that is becoming successful and achieving greatness. Without facing the obstacles you face in reality, you can live the life you always wanted in virtual world.

A New Hope

Life really is set to reward diligent effort to find purpose. There is always an open opportunity to start in virtual world — keep on going and never doubt yourself to make your dreams come true #BeforeBecomingReal

Meaningful Life

The best person is the one that helps and makes a difference in someone’s life and society. Take courage in cultivating your creativity, turn your hobby into something worthy, and present your artworks to unite humanity and create a better world.

Take Action

As long as you are consistent, focused, and persistent to act to realize your dream, nothing is impossible in virtual world. Combine your determination, dream, with opportunity to make change. Now, it’s your turn!

0% Cost

Now more than ever, you can live in your virtual life! Download Jagad Maya now and access the features to explore your passion for free.

Achieve Success

Let our values guide us: accomplishment, partnership, courage, inspiration, and innovation. This is the time that matters most. Embrace the opportunity and change for the better!


Let's start to Live Maya!

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Social Mission


Workforce competition, lack of capital and network, and income disparity inhibit the creative industry development in Indonesia. Unemployment rate will keep on growing at an alarming rate if not accompanied by a digital ‘leap’. Digitalisation of emerging countries offer an enormous opportunity to boost growth and be part of the globalized economy. Digital technologies fundamentally shape what people do and how they do it. Kotamaya builds Indonesia Maya: a healthy and competitive nation to restore justice with unlimited diverse creativity.

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