Created by the youths of the nations, Kotamaya aims to accelerate and reform Indonesia’s virtual market as a game-changer metaverse platform. Our philosophy is rooted in “Virtual Economy Ecosystem” to envision a new culture of social justice and social collaboration towards a more inclusive growth.

Our vision is to give a new hope and equal opportunity for self-actualized individuals who always put effort to realize their highest level of potential and higher calling. 

Kotamaya creates simulated virtual environments to establish social connections, broaden networks, expand business, reform the entertainment industry, create value-added items which are connected to real life.  

We invite everyone to try the 3D virtual life platform and take courage to start realizing your dream #BeforeBecomingReal

You can do whatever you can imagine in Kotamaya. Our features support numerous activities in real life, from entertainment, education, shopping, to collaboration to create valuable outputs. 

General User

  • Digitize yourself to an avatar figure.
  • Upgrade your style virtually
  • Make connection and engage virtually
  • Travel to interesting new places! Explore Kotamaya’s stores, entertainment, art to education destinations
  • Shop for both digital and physical goods
  • Try products virtually
  • Do what you love and shift your career to your dream job
  • Buy and sell digital assets


Creator User

  • Follow your passion and create digital masterpiece 
  • Collaborate to create a synergistic items
  • Hold your exhibition, concert, fashion show, talk show, and your own personal events virtually
  • Build your dream house, shop, studio, office and other virtual buildings. 
  • Convert your artworks into NFT
  • Promote your arts through virtual ads.

You can use Kotamaya anywhere and anytime! Download Kotamaya application in PlayStore to explore 3D virtual life. 

What devices and operating software shall I use to run Kotamaya?

Kotamaya requires mobile phone with minimum Android 6.0 and 1GB RAM. Kotamaya will be available for iOS users in 2023.

Your benefits after joining Kotamaya are manifold. First, you will get several Maya Coins for free after first registration. Maya Coins can be spent for virtual activities, such as buy digital meals and beverages in cafe, publish your artworks in exhibitions, buying decorations, access paid venues and so on. Earn and get Maya Coins by playing our games, learning in our education platforms, and enjoy your time in Kotamaya for two hours a day. Second, after verifying your identity, you can claim a voucher to purchase lands for your assets to build a house, gallery, or business. And most importantly, familiarize yourself, establish your empire, and gain the momentum by joining the metaverse NOW #BeforeBecomingReal.

Starting from 2017, Kotamaya has been developing virtual life platform that is accessible for everyone. Insofar, metaverse remains exclusive and only available for certain economic groups with know-how possessing high-specification devices, not to mention additional connectivity, maintenance, and nitty-gritty expenses. 

Kotamaya is all embracing. We shape and thrive in Indonesia. Our services are free and user-friendly, and our users only need to focus on putting efforts on the substance: self-creation and determination.

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