Digitize yourself with limitless characters that best represent your persona: from cartoon, robot, superhero, or as easy as taking a selfie and let our machine automatically create a realistic avatar of yourself. Explore and utilize our user-friendly features and customize your makeupface artfilters, to your height and weight. 

Upgrade your avatar with your favorite hairstyle! You are free to express yourself and keep up with the latest hype! So, prepare your avatar and get ready to travel around virtual world! 



Explore and interact with the destinations and resorts you've always dreamed of visiting! Meet new friends and hangout with your friends to enjoy a nice coffee at a virtual cafe, appreciate arts in a gallery, celebrate music, culture and creativity in festivals, or something productive: meeting with your colleagues, study in the library, or learning from inspirative talk show.


Break the barrier of social limitations to interact and communicate without fear, anxiety and awkwardness. Foster a new friendship with quality and expand your network.

Discover new people, join like-minded communities that support your business, hobby, and develop your personal growth or even your soulmate! Our interaction feature equips chat and voice call with emotion, face expression, and animated gesture that lit up your social life. Your hearts cannot lie, you have found the one.



Now you can shop with friends, partners and your loved ones no matter how far apart they are. Immerse in a new 3D virtual shopping experience, from fashion, cosmetics, furniture to automotive, to name a few. 

Navigate the virtual stores together, hunt and try new items, and share advice with your friends. Virtual shopping is now more exciting than in real life!


Earn extra income! You can now trade digital assets in the marketplace, such as your drawing, artwork, masterpieces, avatar accessory, land, building, coins, and so on! Be independent financially with long-term investment.



Express more. Make art. Get exposure.
We facilitates your publishing needs extensively via virtual mass media: advertisement, billboard, banner, poster, and videotron.


Pursue your dream

Jagad Maya to your hidden potential discovery for self-expression, do business, and investment. You can convert your drawing, creating 3D pixel art, dancing, designing digital fashion and interior, and limitless creation into a highly prized  NFT (Non-fungible Token). All users own equal and fair opportunity, what matters most are effort and passion.

You can host an event with unlimited guests in an instant. Concert? Exhibition? Talk show? Fashion show? Name it. Send your URL link to friends and hold a successful event without the limitation of space and time.


Making It Real!

This is the future! Start building your virtual and real worlds in parallel. Take your first step in creating and interacting virtually in Jagad Maya. Let’s build an ideal society where we can contemplate, cultivate oneself, and live in harmony to revolutionize our mentality towards goodness.

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