Workforce competition, lack of capital and network, and income disparity inhibit the creative industry development in Indonesia. Unemployment rate will keep on growing at an alarming rate if not accompanied by a digital ‘leap’. Digitalisation of emerging countries offer an enormous opportunity to boost growth and be part of the globalized economy. Digital technologies fundamentally shape what people do and how they do it. Kotamaya builds Indonesia Maya: a healthy and competitive nation to restore justice with unlimited diverse creativity.


Let's Unite!

Let’s accomplish our Indonesia Maya through metaverse platform created by the youth of nations to recover and rebuild our nation. #BeforeBecomingReal, simulates your life in the 3D virtual activities using your new persona to unleash your potential, broaden your horizon, and cultivate yourself!


Let's Collaborate!

The time has come to engage and collaborate  in mutual cooperation to create a stronger workforce beyond conventional, closed social systems. In Kotamaya, you can contribute to a better world and create an impactful change both in the virtual world that creates significance in the real world.

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